Inspirational Mothers

This page is dedicated to some very inspiring mothers that I am lucky enough to know. Not only have they born some beautiful children into this world, but they are also doing great things for themselves. I am proud to introduce my Super moms:-)

First one out is Basia Lipska Larsen:


Beautiful, energetic, creative and funny. The positive adjectives are many when it comes to describing one of my favorite yoga teachers; Basia Lipska Larsen. Her classes are awesome, she makes you focus, sweat, laugh and do your best:-) Basia grew up in Montreal, Canada, but is now (luckily for me) residing in my home town; Oslo. The yoga world has been her workplace for the last decade, and this requires a lot of traveling. It is fair to say that she has led a hectic life up until when she had her first child two years ago, then it became even more hectic. I have seen Basia go through the same challenges I have gone through since I had children, and I therefore asked her to share her experience with us. The text she put together gave me goose bumps and put tears in my eyes. As I did, I think many of you readers will identify with her.

“The super duper fast lane to instant inner peace.”

By Basia Lipska Larsen

Life is Magnificent. It is a constant. Even if you disagree it is nevertheless a great way to live on this planet. Whether you are dealing with the good, the bad or the ugly  – within you,this magnificence is innate.  As difficult as it may be to assimilate this … its up to us to make it a habit to connect and harness this magnificence.  In my view, this is the gist of the practice of yoga. For those practicing Ashtanga yoga , this insight is interwoven within a thorough and very disciplined asana training. It jumped out at me all the more so after having welcomed motherhood at 40 yrs of age.  Here are some tips to anchoring onto that inner peace we have by default.  Yes! By default…its always there, you just have to notice.  (These tips, by the way, are for anyone and everyone – you need not be a mom nor an ashtanga practitioner)

Here is what I was dealing with.  The comparison to what my yoga practice was now vs what it was before motherhood hit me hard. What had been a consistent daily grueling albeit rewarding practice early in the morning  – vanished.  The whole world of “constants”  as I had known it was now a galaxy far far away.  What persisted in my new existence was the following: consistent  lack of sleep, continuous diaper changing and cooking, mad marathons to tidy, shower, text, email, eat and the stress of having to put on a confident smile for society. The most consistent element of all ..was the all and mighty powerful mind and how relentlessly it compared and compared to then and now. The more it compared , the more I shrunk and felt depleted of any kind of joy.  As you can imagine, once I had a fraction of a moment to actually stand on my yoga mat in yoga wear with an empty stomach, ready for practice…..this belittling thought paralyzed me. It took me two years to let go of this sinister self–sabotage of living up to an ideal that was inconsistent with the reality I was living. I no longer had the languid days of choosing what to do with one´s time and with one´s energy and focus. It was a new era, a new paradigm to explore. What helped me down the road? Some of this and some of that. I ve packaged it into these 2 guidelines for you.

  1. Use the Magic Breath.

This is what helped me to actually start to practice when on my mat and kept me focused to continue. The questions I asked myself prior to this were: Was I still a yoga practitioner? Furthermore was I still an ashtanga yoga practitioner? Yes. But how, if I couldn´t do a full-on 75min uninterrupted practice?  Was I not a phony? Could I still dare to call myself a yogi?  Yes, because I believed in the power of controlled breathing. Whether I was hauling in my arms a child, a purse filled with diapers, water bottle, lunchbox, wallet as well as 2 bags of groceries and was barely standing with 2-inch heels. I put the focus into breathing in slowly , smoothly through the nose until I filled up the lungs to their optimum. Then paused…and out came a slow , steady exhale all the way to the end. Each time my entire being zeroed in on this inhale and exhale I simultaneously made an effort to produce a soothing sound that came from the back of the throat. I was a female impersonation of a saintly version of Darth Vador  I even moved like him…with the long cape and all.  I saw , I felt, I heard an inhale and then an exhale. Thats it that’s all. And it was magic.  In that time, the mind stopped chattering, worrying, complaining, assuming, comparing, conspiring and berating.

  1. Plant the Proper Thoughts

This became my inner practice anywhere , any time, in whatever situation or state of mind. Whilst hanging out with my 2 yr old daughter from the day she was born, I noticed myself speaking much more than I had ever.  This intensified until I could feel the words I chose to speak echo around me. They lingered . This was already hauntingly annoying but what followed was insufferable. I heard an internal analysis of whatever I chose to speak. It was not surprising that I noticed all this as I was speaking to a little being who answered incoherently, if they answered at all. “Want some water ?” I asked. “ dadeee deee ta “ she replied along with hand gestures which came in handy.  Oh! #%I!  I should say ´ Would you like some water ´ keep it proper English, enunciate each word for Gods sake. And then it got complicated.  “ Mommy´s tired, not now.. we ll go out later”  I explained. But mommy´s always tired, what in the world is with mommy..i should be ready for action not be a dead beat. Besides that’s not the best way to answer …then she ll find tiredness to be a valid reason to prevent oneself from moving forward. no.  Its not tiredness , its ´the lack of responsability for oneself to maintain a healthy mind and body.´ Ill be old before she turns 4. Yikes!  I stopped the chatter by sitting down, with a super straight spine. I twisted to the left and then to the right.  I said to myself “ I am perfect, healthy and whole”. I stood up and did a forward bend, then stepped back into a downward dog. I said to myself  “ I trust that energy and joy and love nourish me with exactly what I need”. My knees came down to a cat position. I then lowered into the foundation stance for a headstand.  Reverse the age process I thought…I ll stay upside down a bit and regenerate. I came down to rest in a childs pose for a few breaths.  In total it took 80sec. I sat up and said, “ I choose to honour myself today” . We dressed up and went to the park.  I could swear that Nature smiled back at me.

Check out Basia’s web page here!

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By Basia Lipska Larsen





Meet supermom Pernille Holmboe, one of the most beautiful persons I know.  Yes obviously she is drop dead gorgeous, and I am sure the rate of trafic accidents increases every time she is posted on bill boards here in Norway. But this supermodel is so much more than that. She is such a warm, caring person, and really engages with people around her. She is a very good friend, always there to listen, and try to help.
Pernille and I had both our kids with just weeks apart and have been following each other through these times of pregnancy and sleepless nights. Ever since we shared an apartment as young hopeful models in Paris we have led very active lives. Still, with two small kids Pernille is making the most of it and living her dream. Read the interview and learn her secret:-)
-Name: Pernille Holmboe Heje
-Age: 36
-Profession and background: Model and now director of Cameo (
-Home town: Hong Kong since last 4 years
-Children: Mathea 3.5 years, Axel 17 months
– Obviously having children is one of the major changes in ones life, how did  it affect yours?
That is a very complex question because having children changes your life forever and in so many ways. I think the first thing that happens when you have children is that you have a major shift from focusing on yourself to focusing on this new person who suddenly arrived in your life. All happiness is related to how this little person is doing – it means the world to you! Another thing that changes dramatically is your own time – it gets quite limited. But I’ve never been more efficient since having kids – with no choice – I had to learn how to get things done much faster and to do whats really urgent first. Above all this, what has really changed is the instant love that comes back to you from a child – a new dimension of love added in your life forever. Its easy to forget after several sleepless nights and tantrums, but then a smile on your child’s face can make you forget it all in a second – that is powerful!
-You’e been working as a model all your grown up life. This is a job that requires long hours (and days) away from home. How do you manage to combine this job with being a mother?
I’ve realized how important it is to have your own platform as well as being a mother. Its a big challenge that I will contemplate on constantly – trying to find the right way. There is one thing that matter to children and that is your TIME so they will never really like that you are leaving. But I learnt that as long as they know what is going on they wont get too hurt when you do leave. My husband is always very good at telling the kids up front if we wont make it home for dinner, so they don’t get confused or feel let down. Also, our kids always know in advance when we will be traveling. They get sad, but I tell them that I will look for a little surprise when I travel. Yes, you can call it bribing…haha, but it gives them something positive look forward to.
-You have also followed your dream and started your own clothes brand. ( I love your clothes btw!) Can you tell us a a little bit more about this project, and off course how you combine being a business woman and a mother?
I started cameo ( with my friend and designer, Tale Øvstebø, in november 2011. Its a women’s fashion brand selling online and soon coming to shops all over Scandinavia. Our mantra is to create clothes with great fit and feel to affordable prizes. We rather create more styles than big volumes so that our customers can feel the get something unique not everyone else is wearing. The style is classic with edgy details such as leather panels, chains and oversized zippers. We produce clothes that are easy to wear and dress up and down such as leggings with great stretch, silk blouses, leather jackets and a lot of dresses. Combining work with being a mother can be challenging, but I am better at dealing with it now than in the beginning. Rule number one is not to  multitask. Its better to take time away from your children to get work done rather than to try to do both at once – it will just make you stressed and unhappy. Being present when working can mean that you get things done in 1 hour rather than 5 hours with the children around you begging for attention. Sometimes you have no choice, but I really try to avoid it. After work all I want to do is to be together with my children. It helps a lot to ignore the mobile phone for a while and just enjoy the time with them – no emails or social media aloud! A great doctor and mother of 5 gave me a good advice the other day. She said: don’t look at work like and obstacle for being a mother and stress to get things done to rush back to your children, both things are important to you. I thought about that quite a lot..a typical working mother dilemma that I will keep reminding myself of. Planning the day so you know when to see the children and when to work is crucial for being present and confident about your situation.
My last advice to all the mothers out there is: You know your child better than anyone else. Advices and comments from other people will be thrown at you all the time – take with you what need and ignore the rest. If you can’t handle your situation and feel you are stretched in too many directions seek help – there are plenty of good options out there for working mothers that can make your day to day life a lot better.
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Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 7.12.42 AM

About life as a mother, yogi, and businesswoman- meet supermom Hanne!

IMG_2239 The next inspirational supermom on my list is called Hanne Kjersem Engebraaten. This beautiful and charismatic 35 year old girl owns her own yoga studio, and is the mother of Bodhi, 5 years. Hanne started teaching yoga with 21 years, and is by now a well renown yoga teacher in Norway. But her skills don’t stop there. She studied journalism, pre-med and child protective services. In the latter area she also worked for a wile.
The travel bug has taken her all over the world, and the list of places she has lived is long; Thailand, India, New Zealand, USA (San Francisco and Oregon) and Barcelona. The global girl from Bærum just outside of Oslo, has now settled down in the small coastal town Fredrikstad, one hour south of Oslo.

«I live here with my 5 year old son, my amazing fiancée Endre, my dog Kali and our stubborn, fiery and beautiful shetland pony, due with foal next spring,» she tells me.

In Fredrikstad she co-owns and runs the Yoga Studio called «Ashtanga Yoga Fredrikstad»;

I interviewed Hanne because as a mother and a wannabe business woman I do see how difficult it is to make the ends meet and satisfy everybody including yourself. I wanted to get her view on things, and maybe find a key to success. Her answers to my questions were beautiful. She puts into words what I felt too after having my first child. I am sure a lot of other mothers can identify with it. I have hardly edited any of her replies.

– Obviously having children is one of the major changes in ones life, how did  it affect yours?
Having a child was for me as it is for most people, was a shocking experience. Nothing had prepared me for what was to come, as naive as it might sound.
Now that my son is five, the shock has worn off, and I love being a mother. I love having the life of a mother. I love family life. I love the daily routines. I love spending time with him, I love talking with him, playing with him, reading to him, and listening to him.

Yet as much as love being a mother now, it was in many ways a difficult love story to begin with. I had a hard time learning to cope with what I experienced as; «the loss of personal time,» a sense of losing my freedom, my independence, and my ability to live my life on a whim – which I had to a certain extent up until then.
As much as I loved my baby, there were so many things I did not love. I did not love rarely having time to practice yoga undisturbed. I know lots of yoga teachers get right back into their practice having had a baby. For me it took over a year to really start practicing fully again, and I have learned to accept that my yoga practice is not the most important thing in my life any more.

I did not love not sleeping a whole night for more than a year, and subsequently never feeling fully rested or energized. My son was not a great sleeper, and for the first 18 months, I was always feeling tired. Now that feels like a distant bad dream, but in the middle of it, it was torture.

I did not love my inability to travel to India – my spiritual motherland that I used to visit at least once a year. Having had the freedom to travel pretty much wherever whenever before my baby came, that was a hard thing to swallow. I did take him to both Thailand and the Caribbean before he was two, but traveling with a baby is not the same as traveling solo, which was my greatest joy before motherhood.

There were many things I found very difficult, the list goes on. Off course I realize it is like this for many new moms, but it is not talked about much, and I certainly was not prepared. I think I went through a sort of a grieving process over my old life, as I simultaneously fell in love with my son, and found my way into a new way of living as a mother.

Having a baby has changed me for the better, I believe. I remember talking to my teacher Alexander about yoga and practice when Bodhi was almost a year old. I was lamenting about never having time to do my asana practice, and he said something that I will never forget.

“Having a baby and being a mother is the greatest yoga practice there is. Surrender.”

And I did. I did surrender, and by doing so I learned a great deal, things I cannot even put into words. But the scope and depth of my yoga practice today is greatly expanded by having been blessed with motherhood. And I am so very grateful to my teacher for bridging the gap between being a yogini and being a mother for me, back then, when I was exhausted, sad, tired, frustrated and confused.

– You have been a dedicated yoga practitioner for 15 years, and this requires time and focus. How do you combine this with being a mother?

Having had a regular and mostly daily yoga practice since i was 21, I´ve had to let the steady routine of that go. Before having a child, I would get up in the morning, have a coffee or a tea, sit with myself for a while, and then get on my mat for some 90 minutes, or drive to the studio and get on my mat.
Having a child in my life, I now have to fit my yoga practice in where there is room. I am lucky though, that it is part of my job to have a practice, and so I can spend time practicing when I am at work. I do have to schedule it in, though, because it is very easy for it to be put at the bottom of the to do list, which is endless – as it is for most working moms.
Before I had a child, my yoga practice was religiously at the top of my priorities. It is still high up there, but surrendering it, and adjusting to having other things come before that was challenging. I´ve learned to value the time I do get to spend on my mat, and I´ve become much more flexible about it (haha, no pun intended!). If I cannot fit it in one day, that´s fine. I´ve learned to live with the fact that I cannot always have it the way I´d personally prefer, and I´m okay with that.
My friend Pernille who´s a mother of three, and also a yoga teacher, said to me once when I was frustrated about this; “Yoga is supposed to make you more flexible, Hanne – not less.” That is as funny as it is also blatantly true, and I´ve remembered it ever since, and adopted the attitude. Flowing with life instead of struggling against the current is actually a yogic concept. Surrendering to life and what it throws you, and embracing it are important lessons. Motherhood has a way of bending you into the flow, even if you initially don´t want to. I don´t practice as regularly or as much as I did before, yet I´m so much more grateful for the practice now. And I believe that this experience of surrender and letting go has done something to my yoga practice, making it more sacred, deeper, more valued and precious to me. Motherhood humbles you, and that is a beautiful and sacred thing.

You have also followed your dream and opened your own yoga studio. Being a self employed mother I have an idea of what this requires, how have you experienced it?
It is challenging. I´ve learned many things along the way, and it has been difficult, terrifying, wonderful and rewarding.
By far the greatest thing I’ve learned, and the most difficult thing to embrace, has been to realize that I need others. Really, I cannot do it on my own, not in any aspect. I’ve learned that I have to ask for help, even though that is hard for me. My independence that I loved so much in my 20´ies have been sacrificed on the pyre of following my dream. From the sacrifice came something much greater, being part of something together with the people I love. Depending on others is something we are so afraid of in our culture, but surrendering into it, and embracing it has brought me great rewards. Depending on people has allowed me to experience a deep bond with them, whether they are friends, family or colleagues. And I can easily say that I don’t want my independence back. I love relying on people, and having them rely on me, I love the depth and beauty it brings to my relationships, and how much truth, acceptance, love and beauty it has shown me. It has allowed me to experience love for myself and others in ways I had no idea existed.
I am blessed with a great fiancé who supports and helps me in all areas, wonderful parents who help out much more than I could ever ask for, and I have great friends who support me emotionally in times of doubt. I also have wonderful partners in the studio, that teach me every day about love, friendship, yoga, and keeping the dream alive.
Being a mother and business owner is something I could never have done alone. Yet I am also lucky enough that I can bring my son with me to work whenever I want. The studio is open to children and family, single parents often come in with a child in tow, who gets to hang out in the shala while mom/dad practices, or they take part in class, in their own child-way.
I am hoping to have another baby at some point, and if and when that does happen, I will have to bring my baby with me to work much of the time. I am lucky that I have the kind of work where a baby is not a hindrance for me to do my job, and I am making a conscious choice for my studio to be child/baby/mother friendly.

Do you feel like you have found a way to balance your life , and if so do you have any advice to other mothers or mothers to be? 
A balance of life. No, I actually do not think I have found a way to balance my life, and I don´t think I ever will. Life is so ever changing, that once I´ve found a balance, something shifts, and I have to re-figure it all out. So I´m trying let go of struggling to find a balance, a way to live.
What I am discovering instead, is a sense of deep trust, and a willingness to surrender into what life throws me.

Not being a great fan of unsolicited advice, I think that will have to be my advice to other mothers/mothers  to be.
Try to surrender. Trust life, don´t try to control it. Experience life and motherhood, in all its forms, good, bad and ugly. Love the changes, as much as you can. Love the challenges. Cry. Ask for help. Love. Forgive. Flow with life, with your child, with motherhood as it changes from year to year.
Becoming a mother will be your greatest challenge, but also your greatest reward. Don´t plan, as life and motherhood cannot be planned, but trust, and experience life, your motherhood and your child every day.






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